Reese Investment Group

What to Expect

Get in Touch

Either reach out to us at (615) 948 - 3267 or we may reach out to you to discuss your company.  This step simply allows us to introduce our companies to one another.

Introductory Meeting

After our initial call, we will hop on a plane to come visit you and introduce ourselves in person.  This initial meeting allows you to get to know us better and us to learn more details about your business. Oftentimes, we can estimate the price for your business during this meeting.

Letter of Intent

If both parties are still interested after our initial meeting, we will draft a document that outlines price and allows us to confidentially review the details of your business.

Deep Dive

During this step, we will be in communication frequently to understand the nuances of the business you have built.  We will also work with you on the structure of the deal to ensure you are comfortable.

Deal Close

Now that the structure has been addressed, all that is left is drafting and signing the proper documents.  Lawyers that are familiar with these types of transactions save tremendous time and money!


A smooth transition of ownership goes a long way in ensuring the future success of the business.  Every company and deal is a bit different, but the goal is to formulate a plan that continues to build the legacy you created.

For Business Owners

A Better Exit

Reese Investment Group offers a different kind of exit for owners who are considering retirement or new ventures, or who want to attract a fresh infusion of capital to their firms and step back from day-to-day operations. Unlike a competitor or a buyout firm, our goal isn’t to absorb your operations or slash costs before flipping your company for a profit. We’re in it for the long run.  After your exit, we will continue to operate the company and grow your legacy.

Understanding Your Concerns

We appreciate the concerns of successful entrepreneurs. We will work with you on a strictly confidential basis to understand your personal goals and to structure a sale that meets those goals. With a significant capital base, we can close a transaction quickly - ensuring your legacy continues to grow.


The Future of Your Company

After the sale, we intend to take a direct management role in your business, with a commitment to its ongoing success and to the preservation of your legacy. We understand that a business is more than just an income statement with a bottom line. A business is a place where people spend most of their waking hours earning a living; a business provides customers with quality products or services they come to rely on; a business plays a role in the daily life of a community. Too often these facts are forgotten in the cold calculus of ownership change.